[Lifetime Tag Manager] Update documentation: Indicate required permissions for Service Account
Forge component by Torre

Documentation should be update with the important information of which exact permissions are required in the role to assign to the Service Account to be created in LifeTime.
I couldn't find explicit information about this in (https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/11/Reference/OutSystems_APIs/LifeTime_API_v2), but from my experiments:
1) To LIST applications the role must have in one environment the "List" permission.

2) To be able to DELETE tags, the role must have in one environment the "Change and Deploy" permission.
--Tiago Bernardo

Actually... the information I provided seems to be not totally correct and I think it depends on the LifeTime version.
I get mixed results in different environments with LifeTime versions Version 11.9.0 (Build 1206) and Version 11.8.5 (Build 1220) ...

--Tiago Bernardo

From some more testing, it seems that the Service Account needs to have the Administrator role in order to be able to delete tags.

Creating a new role, for example "LifeTimeTagManager", that has the exact same permissions of the Administrator role and assigning it to the Service Account does not seem to work to be able to delete tags.

--Tiago Bernardo

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