Create dynamic tables


I need a way for create tables in a dynamic way in a back office for a Client. The idea is define in inputs columns quantity, and text inside them. This atributes will be save in a Entity.

Then, with the lastest atributes saved,  is needed show a table with correspondings columns and a customer add new rows to this table. This new rows will be save in database too.

Exists a component for make that? or similar? i try using Data grid, but i can't save new rows in database for show later.

Any can help or guide with an idea?


Hello @Juan Yañez 

There are forum posts that have covered this topic before. For e.g.:

As discussed in these posts, while there are some work arounds of sorts involving external databases and extensions, but when it comes to creating entities dynamically within OutSystems, that's not possible at this point.

I am not very clear on the flow of data based on your description. So let's see what other community members have to say. 

I would suggest looking at the Dynamic Forms forge component (applicable to Traditional web apps) and see if it can be something you can use.

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Sorry if it isn't clear, in this case I don't need create entities.

What I need is to create this type of tables, configure the number of columns, for an user can use it and load data to it.


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