[Application Cache] Support for environments with multiple front-ends
Forge component by Danny Prager


I'm looking to make use of this module to "rate limit" our OutSystems reactive web endpoints and possibly exposed REST endpoints as well. My question is if the cache is installed per front-end as that wouldn't enable the use case in an environment with several front-ends.



If you have multiple frontends (assuming you are installing the application to 2 or more frontends) this extension and and the reference to it would be automaticly installed on all the frontendservers as wel. 

Each frontendserver does not know the state of the other one so referencing to the RAM register on server 1 when the writing of any data took place to the register on server 2 would be futile.

The easyest way to solve this is to deploy this extention to only one server. and call it via a service/server action from both frontends.

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