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Is it possible for me to automate REST integration on a particular SQL-like database such that whenever a new table is created on the database, respective GET,POST,PATCH,DELETE  REST API methods are created.
At the moment am able to consume the database with its current tables but tables are added on a regular basis, I would want to keep up using an automated service for that.


Hello Mganda,

If I understood correctly, you'd like for API methods to be generated within an OutSystems module whenever a table is created within a specific database. I don't believe this is possible if you'd like for specific methods for each table to be created. 

Instead of creating new ones every time a table is added, would it be possible to negotiate with whoever is invoking your APIs, and use a parameter to identify from where the data should be fetched into a single set of methods?

Otherwise, I believe you'd have to continue creating them by hand.

Thank for your reply Afonso,

The only solution as of now is to create those API methods manually, unfortunately the tables in the database are quite dynamic, I am forced to keep pace.

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