ASp.Net MVC web apps

I would like to know if the platform has support for MVC  based web applications because webforms are becoming out dated and Mvc  framework gives developer better control and flexibility over their web applications.Just in case it doesnt it will be a big plus if future editions support it.Thanks. 
Because you don't edit the .NET code, underlying ASPX files, or anything else with Agile Platform, it doesn't matter what underlying tech it supports.

Using Agile Platform means that I don't have to waste my time worrying about these things!

It matters if you decide not to continue to pay the OutSystems rate. However you want to keep the possibility of making small developments in the application. Besides that, MVC has much better performance than Webforms, and is much lighter for web browser that webforms can be.
Excellent reply pedro. Life outside outsytems can be horrendous mess. Web forms can be very difficult to maintain and testing can be a pile of head ache. And as you pointed out web forms are generally slower to render compared to mvc apps. Thats one reason my company jumped to mvc as soon as it became a more mature framework. Thats why I was concerned about the extracted code. I hope outsystems looks at mvc as the future. Cheers

I would say it matters. From a UI standpoint it doesn't but from a security standpoint it certainly does.

I'm trying it out and when I go from screen to screen I can see that my URL doesn't change and there is a viewstate field which Web Forms uses. I assume OutSystems stores variables here since the URL doesn't change from screen to screen (aggregate screen, details/forms screen, etc).

Once web forms becomes completely deprecated and MS goes completely to MVC/RazorPages, viewstate won't be available anymore, which means Outsystems will start either using hidden fields to pass data from screen to screen or, more likely, they'll have to pass this data in the URL. Granted, you should always check any values that are passed from form to form, but sometimes you don't want things like ID's blatantly visible to end users either in the querystring or in hidden fields which can be easily modified using a browser's developer tools