XmlRecords Plugin - No Child Traversal?

I have the following structure output by REST command:


       [other elements not relevant]

        <resultsrow> [data as elements not attributes..] </resultsrow>

         [more resultsrows..]


Now, the configuration structures in XmlRecords are confusing. There seems to be only the ability to declare 1 XML Element with a set of Attributes and nothing more. 

So if <list> where like so <list resultrow1= .. resultrow2=.. > then there'd be no problem it seems. Unfortunately I have child elements and so is it actually possible to use this plugin here??


Hello @Olivier Mollies,

Please check out the attached oml. Basically depending on the Structures you create, you can access any of the elements in the 'List' xml example you provided. 

If you place a breakpoint on the 'End' node as shown below, and debug the app, you will be able to see the details under the 'Local' tab:

Hope this helps, 




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