[Google Drive Connector] Extracting files using google drive connector
Forge component by OutSystems R&D


I am using this forge component for using google drive in reactive application but I am getting 400 bad request error while trying to fetch the access token . I think that is because I don't know what value is to be passed in the input parameter "Code" so if anybody can help me with what value this input parameter "code" wants that will be really helpful or is there any other way to get the access token.




Hi Harsh,

The Google Drive Connector component you have linked to your post is only supported for Traditional Web Applications.

Since you mentioned you want to implement a Google Drive integration inside a Reactive Web Application, you should use the following component instead:

Also, you can view the Documentation page for more detailed information on how you can receive an Authorization code which you need to fetch an Access Token.

Hope this helps!



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