without using joins

Hi @all

I am having 2 tables in database and I want to connect that both the without using  join  ,so how can I do that, as reference key is not assign in any of the tables. And I am not having permission to do any change in the database module.

And then I need to connect it to the table widget.

Hey there @Rohan Roy!

What type of tables or entities they are, what relationship do they have? Why you cannot use joins to connect them? What permissions do you have? And what do you want to accomplish with these 2 tables/entities? What do you want to show on the table widget with those entities?

Are you working in reactive or traditional?

Don't get me wrong, to "us" to give you a proper answer maybe this needs to be answered first.

Thank you, Rohan! :)

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Hi Rohan,

can you send a print of both tables and fields? Also explain a possible connection between both?



Hi Rohan,
Despite the question as mentioned above is not clear for folks & me as well :)

Here's something I would suggest :

- You can have a new entity i.e a Junction entity which will maintain a mapping of these 2 entities.

Aside from these, I don't see any way to join table records on runtime unless there's something you already know about how they are related.

Hi rohan,

Can you please explain.. Exactly what you are expecting with real time example.

Please provide any snap if you have.

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Ajit kurane.

Hello Rohan,

I am not sure if you are asking this in reference to OutSystems or you have general SQL query about this scenario. If it's general SQL, you can go through with following links. It will help you to join and pull the data from 2 different tables without having common column into both of them.



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hii rohan

you can create a third entity (Junction entity) and can have reference variable from both the other entities. now you can have data from both the tables without using joins but it would be more appropriate to add some details about the entities and the relationship you want it to have.  happy learning!!


mukul singh nathawat.


Hi Rohan,

Not sure about your question but without join if you select data of both tables you can use Advance Sql and use UNION clause for it with no of column same.


Hope this will help you.



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