How to apply CSS in Table widget
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I am showing some fields in Table widget and entering the input for it. Means we have some fields like Name, Age, Mobile Number etc.  

If I miss some input then I want to highlight that input field with CSS. Either RED BG COLOR or RED BORDER.

This approach is finalized one please do not suggest any other. It is working fine with entered values. Only issue I am facing for CSS is not applying on SAVE BUTTON.


Hello Nathan,

You might need to set a boolean flag for example IsValid  which will enable or disable the conditional CSS for the widgets in your table. This can be done using a client action which will run on the click of your save button

On the matter of applying conditional CSS, please refer the solution in the example in this post.

If you can share the OML or your implementation process, then I can help you in a better way with that.


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