[Feature Toggle Library] No Feature Toggles in Production environment
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Really been enjoying the Feature Toggle Management/Library - it's just working great - in development that is, but my Production environment keeps being non-toggleable. I've tried to redeploy the Feature Toggle Library (Feature.Toggle.Library-1.0.2_O11) there again, but the toggles are just greyed out, when I try to modify them in the Lifetime environment.

Any hints on things I should retry to get it working in Prod? Strangely enough, my lifetime environment (the middle one in the screenshot) is just happy toggling, and it's irrelevant since nothing is deployed there, but the production at the end is greyed out.

When I click a toggle, the right side of the screen looks like second screenshot. Production Environment says "(Under Development)" - not sure what this is.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



You need to uncheck the "Is under Development", in the details.

Too easy!! Thanks Bruno! I knew it was something like that. 

Is it okay to partly love AND hate you right now? :)

Thanks again.

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