Error "Undefined is not an object (evaluating 'e.default')"
Application Type

I got an error like this (image), and how to solve it? Please help :(

And also I have been set the default screen,

Details are not enough, could you plz post your OML.

Error in stack look like this,

Hello @Pongsakorn.P,

I found only one other forum post related to this issue and according to the recommendation there, your best chance at a resolution is to open a Support Case with OutSystems. Hope that works out for you,



Ok, I will try and open support case. Thank

Hi @Pongsakorn.P

just to try do debug it. If you put another screen as default, it works? Or if you delete that screen and create a new screen without anything and then with the same code. How it goes?

For example, if it works without any code, try to add code by steps to see where is the root cause.

For put the default as another screen, it also doesn't work and including create a new screen in my project and set it as default screen, it not work :(

And I try to delete from my env. then add .oap again, its alway got the same error.

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