[Google Analytics Reactive] Google Analytics reactive javascript is being blocked by AdBlocker
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Google Analytics reactive JavaScript is being blocked by Adblocker (Adblocker Ultimate extension in chrome)

is there a way to resolve this or alternative solution so we can catch this error? My idea is to have a condition not to use the GA script if there's a adblocker.

Hi Don,

I haven't come across this exact scenario before (despite using an adblocker) however one practice we're slowly moving towards when integrating with analytics is leveraging GTM instead of GA. Based on this article, this might help resolve your issue.

If you're still keen on continuing with GA and want to detect the presence of an Adblock you can give the scripts proposed here or here a shot.



Thank you will go through this links and will give you feedback if it resolve my issue. Thank you

To my fellow developers who have this problem and just found this post, I started I new discussion about it here:


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