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I want to give alert message when user is idle for X min before MAX_Idle_SessionTimeOut (default in Outsystems is 20 min). And After MAX_Idle_SessionTimeOut it should automatically logout.

How to achieve it in Reactive application. For quick implementation .oml will help. (Not by using any component. I think some JavaScript will do this)


Hi @Rohan Jain , I found this in the forge

I didn't use it yet, but it could work for what you want.


Luis Oliveira

Hi @Luis Filipe Oliveira 

Thanks for response.....first of all I don't want to use any component so I really haven't check whether it fit for my requirement or not.

Ok. Since you don't want to use any component, this one it's a good one to get some ideas to build your own.

I didn't check how it works, another approach is for example:

  • but you can use a session/variable with the time that the user enter in the screen
  •  if the user press a key or move the mouse, you can reset the time for example
  • If the timer is near that time you, you can launch a modal saying that will be disconnect or if he want to continue.
  • if is passed you can logout the user.

    that.popupTimeout = setTimeout( that.triggerWarningPopup, that.timeForPopup);
    that.logoutTimeout = setTimeout( that.sessionExpired, that.inactivityTimeLimit);




Hi Rohan,

Please take reference of below link and find  your answer:

kind Regards,

Ajit Kurane.

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