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I just want to know if the token from the Google Authentication Core (forge component) is static? Or is there any other way to store it and reuse it so that I don't need to log in every time I'm using the GoogleDrive_IS or any other Google services?

 I hope you can give some insights into this. I'll appreciate it a lot. Thank you!

Hi @Ronald.

No... The token is associated to the current logged user.

Every time you login a new token is generated. Also the token as a limited time, so there is  an action (Get Token) that will check if the latest token is still valid and if it's not, it calls a new one with the refresh token service. 


Gonçalo Almeida

Can you help me with this scenario Sir;

When there's a new file uploaded in my Google Drive I want my outsystems app to send an email using my Gmail to certain people.

I have an idea about the push notification part of it. I exploring and gathering information on how can I send an email using Gmail automatically. 

Hope you can give me some information. Thank you!


If I understand correctly, you want to send emails with a Gmail account? You can configure your Gmail as the SMTP for your environment. 

If you want to configure it only for a specific app or change the config according to different conditions, this post has some suggestions on that.


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