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I am consuming rest api from Intuit through postman and everything works fine.
An example is a GET request that has parameters to be passed on the endpoint URL, oauth 2.0 authorization having access token, grant type, callback URL header prefix etc. I am able to pass parameters to the endpoint URL in Outsystems, how do I go about passing parameters under Authorization and environment tabs in postman?


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You can define where your input parameters will be sent. For those that are headers, you can define the option Send In to Header and define the Name in Request, like in the example below:

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In Authorization tab postman, I am required to select OAuth 2.0  under type and also add authorization data to request headers.
I am also required to expand Configure New Access Token section and add Token Name, Grant Type, Callback URL, Auth URL, Access Token URL, Client ID, Client Secret, Scope, State, Client Authentication for me to get a new access token which expires after every 60 minutes.
To call any API end point, I use the access token from the above procedure.
All these seem simple in postman. The intention though is to do the same in Outsystems. I'm only allowed to use some parameters in the GET URL, I am not sure if I should have above mentioned parameters as input variables for the API call or as json in the request body for the call.
This is the procedure using postman from their developer page

@Mganda , check my links, maybe you can understand better how to call Rest API's using oauth 2.

Hi @Mganda ,

I didn’t understand what you are trying to do. You want to call rest in outsystems with oauth 2.0?

If yes, check this topics:

you also have this training:

you can check also some forge components thatuses oauth, to see how it was implemented:

In short, I want to implement this procedure(made for postman) in outsystems.

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Can you please check once below link is helpful to you or not.

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Ajit kurane.

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