Outsystems 11 working on Arch Linux

So from a quick search of the forums i couldn't see anyone else having been successful running Outsystems on any Linux distro, so did so experimenting with the most recent release of Outsystems 11.11.14 build 47936 and surprisingly easily, i've managed to get Outsystems working with very few hiccups, performance is a bit slower than it natively running on Windows but all in all everything needed to devlelop on Outsystems is there.

  1. Firstly i installed Outsystems using Wine and that went through with no issues at all.
  2. When i attempted to run Outsystems thats when it did what it always does and crash at the loading bar at 99%
  3. I downloaded and installed the most recent version of the .net framework 4.8 i believe 
  4. This allowed me to finally launch Outsystems but some fonts were missing, so was unable to login and test anything
  5. Next i installed the missing microsoft fonts which had stopped me from logging in previously.
  6. A quick restart and running Outsytems one last time using WINE and everything is seemingly working pretty well!

I've included a screenshot showing what i'm running on and showing that Outsystems is running in Arch Linux!



Hi John,

Very cool, thanks for sharing!

Just a quick update on this, I've noticed most recently that this little feedback button is causing a graphical issue that makes it really difficult to use the Service Studio, it essential leaves a watermark when you close it and won't go away unless you close and reopen Service Studio.

Current solution to this is to throw it in the corner and ignore it until Outsystems decides to remove the annoying feedback button

Great work and contribution, will have to give this a try

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