Outsystems 11 working on Arch Linux

So from a quick search of the forums i couldn't see anyone else having been successful running Outsystems on any Linux distro, so did so experimenting with the most recent release of Outsystems 11.11.14 build 47936 and surprisingly easily, i've managed to get Outsystems working with very few hiccups, performance is a bit slower than it natively running on Windows but all in all everything needed to devlelop on Outsystems is there.

  1. Firstly i installed Outsystems using Wine and that went through with no issues at all.
  2. When i attempted to run Outsystems thats when it did what it always does and crash at the loading bar at 99%
  3. I downloaded and installed the most recent version of the .net framework 4.8 i believe 
  4. This allowed me to finally launch Outsystems but some fonts were missing, so was unable to login and test anything
  5. Next i installed the missing microsoft fonts which had stopped me from logging in previously.
  6. A quick restart and running Outsytems one last time using WINE and everything is seemingly working pretty well!

I've included a screenshot showing what i'm running on and showing that Outsystems is running in Arch Linux!


Hi John,

Very cool, thanks for sharing!

Just a quick update on this, I've noticed most recently that this little feedback button is causing a graphical issue that makes it really difficult to use the Service Studio, it essential leaves a watermark when you close it and won't go away unless you close and reopen Service Studio.

Current solution to this is to throw it in the corner and ignore it until Outsystems decides to remove the annoying feedback button

Great work and contribution, will have to give this a try

John Allen Nice work with this mate!

I have been searching online for a long time for anyone that had had success with the IDE on a Linux Distro.

I understand Outsystems now has offerings on Windows and Mac however however a large majority of developers are running Linux based distros. With .net core, the growth in Linux gaming compatibility, the latest Linux kernel, proton and lutris there's been a massive uptake in users moving away from Windows and towards Linux as the barrier to entry has been significantly reduced by distributions like Pop OS and their ease of use.

Outsystems is cutting themselves out of an entire market of developers. With everything going on with big tech right now its more important than ever to get your digital privacy and security back, Linux is a great tool to start facilitating the process and would be great if Outsystems offered a solution that empowered Linux users to develop solutions on the Outsystems platform.


Like any company, OutSystems looks at the market, and their market is 99.9% corporate development. In corporate environments, there's very little Linux adoption, so it would make no sense to cater to that market.

And honestly, though Linux has a special place in my heart, "there's been a massive uptake in users moving away from Windows and towards Linux" is a hyperbole that's been brought back to live for years now, but it's never actually happening. Desktop Linux is just not appealing to most of us.

Hi Kilian,

Its fair that their target market is corporate development which they are already catering for, widening the net would only bring more exposure which is win win for everyone involved including us as developers.

Before transitioning into a development career I have come from an corporate IT background which meant everything was windows, so I can see where you're coming from. However the applications built with the OutSystems stack are web & mobile technologies and accessed through the browser or directly from the mobile app. In my working experience with OutSystems in the corporate world a majority of the value OutSystems provides comes from being able to rapidly develop edge computing solutions, integrations and microservices that automate and streamline business process and this has not been dependent on the end users who consume these solutions having windows. 

System 76 is a great example of how Linux is growing and breaking down the barrier to entry for Linux by shipping ready to go hardware preloaded with Pop OS. 


I thought that with the introduction to .NET core there might have been opportunity for something like this to happen but the Mac version was released. 

Just makes sense to develop an IDE that isn't dependent on its host operating system, it would mean only having to maintain 1 version of the IDE and codebase while maximizing their reach as much as possible (currently having to manage and maintain 2 codebases windows and mac). If were talking big picture, long term vision for OutSystems. The investment in a platform agnostic IDE would pay dividends long term for the company and the community as a whole.

I just want Outsystems to continue to dominate into the future and I feel over the next few years there's going to be an even bigger push in the direction of Linux / decentralized privacy and security software / hardware solutions. 

Plus Linux just has that special place in the heart like you said haha!

Hi John,

Just wanted to check in with you how this went post installation and see how you went with the continuity of use on Linux?

I was able to install Outsystems Service Studio when I.

1 - Installed wine from PopShop (will be version 5 something wine --version in console to confirm. This is needed to use the .net install scripts as they broken in current wineHQ stable edition.).

2 - Installed winetricks from PopShop.

3 - Set Wineprefix to 64 bit

4 - Use Winetricks to install .Net 4.0 & .Net 4.8

5 - Install wine-stable from wineHQ repo to get version 6.0.1 (version 6.0.1 doesn't allow for those .net installs as broken).

6 - Download and run Outsystems IDE installer.

7 - Use Winetricks to install corefonts.

Following these steps I was able to get the IDE to run on PopOS. I could login to my environment and the app/espace list would load. Successfully clicked into an app and module list loaded. clicking into module opens the project in the IDE but it hangs. I then restarted after this point and run into issues so I suspect I may have corrupted part of my wine / OutSystems install.

All in all great to report, I don't have a heap of wine experience but I think with a bit more tweaking I will be able to get this to run too (fingers crossed!). 

Will update back for anyone in the Linux community who may be interested. 

Service Centre is one of the last things stopping me from moving away from windows altogether, very exciting!



Hallo Jack, sorry for the late reply.

Just ran through the installation process again, so from my experience i already have wine installed (Version 6.17)

  1. So i run winetricks and install Arial, Courier and Times fonts
  2. Next i'll install the dotnet40 and dotnet48 as well as the dotnet core 3.1
  3. Install the lastest version of OutSystems
  4. Everything works pretty smooth for me beyond that the only slight issues are
    1. Trying to type any JS in a javascript node in reactive results in an instant crash.
    2. Debugging can be a bit temperamental

performance wise it's on par with windows or mac, and if i could get rid of the javascript node issue, then i would use linux as my daily OS for sure.

As a sidenote, the outsystems beta runs off .net core 3.1 and i can't quite seem to get the implementation in wine working correctly, tried debugging it and i get the following error.

Failed to create CoreCRL, HRESULT: 0x80004005

Can't quite seem to pinpoint how to solve this issue though

John, this information is invaluable. Thank you for your efforts in the pursuit of getting this running within the Linux community. Your post has given me hope and allowed me to start exploring further.

Still using windows VM for my OS on my daily driver due to the JS node issues but you sir are a gentleman and a scholar!

2022 - Year of the Linux desktop. haha

My scenario, with PopOS under a Virtualbox VM: I was able to install wine 6.1 with dotnet40 and dotnet48 but the installer got stuck. Honestly I haven't dig much deeper yet.

I had issues with installing .net frameworks when using winetricks on 6.1.

If you follow alternate methods to get these installed and install the fonts required by service studio you might be in luck. However until we can nut out the javascript node issues that cause the crashes its still quite a pretty big limitation.

Well... I need to say something. There's a lot of low code IDEs for Linux, or web based like PowerApps. If Outsystems do not target Linux, then it will be crushed by someone who does. I would easily leave Outsystems for another option if this option support Linux. That's it.


I understand the sentiment, but that's just not the reality. All OS's competitors target Windows and/or Mac as well, because the corporate world just doesn't care about Linux. There's very little (if any) Linux dev tools in the low/no code area. If you want to leave OutSystems for an option that supports Linux as IDE that's of course your prerogative, but I'd find it a bit short-sighted to choose a platform just because of the IDE.

Wrong. There's a lot of tools, some are even open-source (like the one that BMW and Cisco uses). There's Intrexx, PowerApps, Joget and Wappler only to name a few. All support Linux out of the box. Source Forge have a huge list of low code tools.

And it's not about the IDE. It's about the OS. I like Linux, and want it to be the main platform. Mac users have influence because they change the tool but don't change the system (like: "No mac version? Changing for another vendor" This was from this forum.), and I'll do the same.


Given the amount of low code tools there are nowadays, those few don't say much, but I'll give you that. 

Perhaps you are a freelancer that can choose what tools to use and pass up on a project if there's no Linux tools, but most OutSystems developers are working either for enterprise companies or have enterprise companies as customers. And most have made a career out of OutSystems. It's clear you are not in that situation, so by all means, quit using OutSystems because it doesn't support your fav OS. But for most people here that's either something we don't desire or can't afford.

Has anyone tried installing Service Studio on Ubuntu?

Hi Hercules, I managed to get things working more or less with the exception of the JavaScript node issue explained above on PopOS. With PopOS and Ubuntu both being based on Debian I think your experience would be more or less the same if you followed the above steps. You would probably still be limited by the JavaScript node issues described above. If we can figure that issue out it would be the last step in in the puzzle and would enable seamless use of Outsystems on linux.

Thanks John for sharing!

I tried this

wget -nc https://dl.winehq.org/wine-builds/winehq.key && sudo apt-key add winehq.key && sudo apt update

sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386 && wget -nc https://dl.winehq.org/wine-builds/Release.key && sudo apt-key add Release.key && sudo apt-add-repository -y https://dl.winehq.org/wine-builds/ubuntu/ && sudo apt update && sudo apt install wine-devel winehq-devel winetricks && export WINEARCH=win64 && winecfg

winetricks corefonts

winetricks dotnet48

Now the service is up but I can't log in. There is internet inside the wine.

Internet connection is available.

Any Idea?

Thanks in advance....

@Sayooj V V Morning, i've noticed sometimes when first loading outsystems it will time out connecting to your environment, if you try to connect to the environment again without closing Service studio, it should connect. Hope that helps :)

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