[Ultimate PDF Reactive Blocks] Jumps to near end of document
Forge component by Raphael Ranieri
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This component is amazing, a great solution for creating PDFs with Outsystems and I think it should be an included component for sure as its so useful.

One issue tho is that upon loading a document with it, the window scrolls midway down the document for some reason. If this could be avoided it'd solve a problem for me. How can I stop this behaviour.

Check here to see what I mean (https://personal-nig4qz1g.outsystemscloud.com/testtesttest) > Click Reporting > Click Print.

I've had to put a scroll to top action in to return the page to the top after it loads.


My guess is that it jumps to the last page break in the document. That seems to be where the page loads the PDF preview at.

I've included the OML attached also. Thanks.

Also I should note. I am using the component just to arrange things on the page. I am not using the server action to print. I am using the browser print function to print as it allows me greater control over stuff like waiting before printing and faster print speeds.


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