[OutSystems Data Grid Web Sample] How do I remove the dollar sign($) in front of the amount.
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Hi everyone

I have some data from Json. I want to format the data that the data type is Currency.

How do I remove the dollar sign($) in front of the amount when I use the Data Gird?

I have changed the Symbol property of the Data Grid to "", but it doesn't work.

Otherwise, why are there parentheses when the value of a negative number is displayed on the screen?

How can I display negative values normally?

In Json : -2366.88  In Data Grid : ($2366.88)

In Json : 9204.55   In Data Grid : $9204.55

Any suggestion is appreciated.

Kind Regards


I never used this, but after some research, the currency WB put the default symbol if the variable is empty ($).

So you should use the Number WB, and if not mistaken this config should work

Used this based on:


and for the N https://stackoverflow.com/questions/17541307/remove-from-tostring0c-formatted-number



Hi @YITONG LYU , did this solution worked? If yes, close the thread as marking the post that resolved the problem as the “solution”


Luis Oliveira

Hi @Luis Filipe Oliveira 

Deeply appreciated. 

I tried it on the program. 

This exactly solves my problem.

Thanks a lot.

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