[Application Cache] The data from the application cache isn't retrieved in our live environment
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Hi there,

I have used the application cache component in a reactive application, to transfer some data across for a PDF (using Ultimate PDF).

This is critical as the bulk data for the application which is calculations based isn't stored in the server.

The application cache has proved the perfect solution, and has worked perfectly in our Dev and Test environemnts when  retrieving the data for a PDF export.

The issue we have is that when we pushed through to live the data isnt been retrieved from the application cache. I have set up some demo tests in a seperate app and the same happens. Works great Dev/Test and then doesnt work in Live.

Just wondered if anyone had experienced the same issues or if there was a way to resolve. Our live environment does have 2 front end servers.



Hi, good to hear my component suits your needs and helps you out.

If you have 2 frontend servers the extention will be deployed to both frontends. So what is saved on one frontend can not be referenced by the other.  To fix this there are 2 solutions.

  • Deploy your application only to 1 server(change the environment in servicecenter)
  • Add the extention to a seperate espace and reference that espace. Ofcourse deploy that espace to only one server while referencing it from your application. that way you can still make use of load balancing to both servers.

Good luck and let me know if you any more questions

Thank you for your quick response Danny.

I will take this away and try resolve.

Hi Danny,

Sorry to bother you again just a few queries.

In terms of the first point, I would be reluctant I think to deploy the application to only one server as it is business critical and I wouldn't want to risk downtime during platform upgrades. But out of curiosity I have looked in service centre and from what I can see we automatically deploy to both the servers. I cant seem to locate the option to specify a specific server. Would you be able to advise?

This then relates to the second point, when you say add the the extension to a separate espace are you talking about the Application Cache extension? Again as above how would we deploy to one server?

Many thanks


In servicecenter under "Administration" --> "Deployment zones" you can create a new zone with only one selected server.

On deployment de compiled code is updated in IIS, in the case of two servers on both of them. There is no downtime when deploying even if you only use one server. 

For the second point: Yes, create a new espace and create a module in thet espace with the application cache extention. the do as descibed above for that espace.

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