Scrolling in popup window
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11.50.12 (Build 48233)
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I want a scrollable popup window but there isn'a setting for this anywhere?

I found this post but it didn't work for me

Hello there! Right now, the Popup doesn't have that set you want. So you need to costumize.

Have a look at this component!

You can see at the end of the demo screen you can see a button to open a popup that has the component to give the scroll


you can use the max-height: 'choose the height' and the overflow-y: scroll to trigger the scroll. on the element, you want to give the scroll.

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Hi Gleb,

The component suggested by Marcio should do the job however a simple alternative solution would be creating a css class with the following properties: 

.scrollable-container {
   height: 300px; //Could be set to whatever height you are after
   overflow-y: auto;

You can then assign the scrollable-container class to your container (by replacing "overflow-y: auto;" with "scrollable-container" in your screenshot)




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