[SFTP] Outdated SSH.NET library
Forge component by Paulo Ramos

As this component was published on the 24th of March, it misses important feature set of SSH.NET library (released on the 18th of April), which supports more key types. Please update the library, so I can ask dependent extensions to update, once this extension is updated. Thank you.

Note: Feature is present in develop branch only, but as the developers release only once a year at best, please use the develop branch as code source


Hi Adam,

I'm in the middle of upgrading the SFTP component to include the SSH.Net v2020.0.1. This process is made a little more complicated given that the SSH.Net library is a core component of the Outsystems infrastructure.

As soon as I've got this sorted I'll release an updated version of the SFTP component.



Hi David,

it has turned out, that me personally don't need the extesion update due to lack of information on my side. Thank you for your support!

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