[OutSystems Data Grid Sample] out of memory error on browser if data is huge-in daga grid reactive
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HI team,

i am working on saving the view states by using set/getGridlayouts. 

while loading the saved view i am getting the out of momory error and the browser is crashing if data is huge.

can you one help me on this


Hi Srinivas,

Data Grid component will not process entity data, hence we are giving JSON data as input.

Absolutely this situation will take more time to fetch, convert and display the data if the datum is huge. 

Try to set increased timeout when fetching data and processing JSON data.

Hope this will resolve your issue.

Thanks , Aadhavan S


Hi Srinivas,

The Data Grid, supports since version 2.4.0 for which I would recommend it's usage in this situation.

Hope that this solves your problem.


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