BPT process

I want to know if I can expand the number of light BPT from 20 to any custom number is it possible?

and if I'm using the normal BPT can I use the light BPT at the same time to launch 10 normal BPT and 20 light BPT or i have to finish the normal BPT first to start in the light BPT?



You can by adding an additional front end server to the environment. I thin thru factory configuration you can change the max, but there is a reason why the max is 20, don't think it is wise to increase it.

You can launch many more than the max concurrent BPT and LBPT processes, but only 10 BPT and 20 LBPT processes can run together at the same time.



ThankYou Daniel, 

Then I can run 10 BPT and 20 LBPT together? then can run 30 processes at the same time?

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