Why is the NoLockIn.oml written in Chinese?

During the install of the product the user is requested to download an .oml file locally and then upload to the required environment. Examination of the local oml file using notepad shows the file is either written or (compiled) in Chinese.  Why is this? Should not a file like this (especially when stored on a local drive) be at least in english? A quick look up of the file type reveals :

In the context of OutSystems Agile Platform, a commercial web application development and hosting platform from OutSystems, the .oml extension represents the OutSystems eSpace (.oml) file type. In OutSystems' parlance, eSpace is a definition of a web application written in the OutSystems Markup Language (OML), covering the application's interface, logic, and data parts. eSpaces (.oml) are created, edited, and managed in the OutSystems Service Studio IDE and can be assembled in Solutions (.osp).

Please advise.


OML files are the modules written in OutSystems using the OutSystems Markup Language (OML)  as you described. But they are not in Chinese. Those files are encrypted due to be the proprietary format of the file. If you try to open in a notepad it will translate it to the charset you have configured and it will not be readable as expected.



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