Outsystems and use of flexbox
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Our application shows a strange behavior. When we deploy our application from dev (where everything works fine) to demo environment, one page is not displayed as expected . The page can be shown in three languages. Everything is displayed very well for 2 languages, but not for the third language: the structure of the page is completely changed. We submitted this problem to an Outsystems expert. He told us that this is caused by the use of flex-box in the CSS. I doubt about this answer. Can't we use flexbox in OutSystems? Has anyone already encountered any problems using flexbox in Outsystems? 

Hi, @Danny Eeraerts 

At first glance, I don't see any issues about using flexbox system with OutSystems. When using flexbox with OutSystems (or any other framework for that matter), you just need to watch out for all the style definitions (in-line css, html style tag and imported css files) affecting your HTML elements, to make sure your custom CSS (using flexbox) reaches the desired output.

Since you mention that everything works fine in DEV but not in DEMO environment, see if there are any differences in the imported css files. For example, is the module's theme the same in DEV and DEMO?

Hope it helps.



Hi Tiago 

Everything is the same between DEV and DEMO except the site properties and the database


In that case, I would recommend have both pages side by side and use the browser devtools to identify which css property is different in both pages. A front-end developer should be familiar with this type of debug activities, so see if you can get one to help you, as at this stage I don't see any other options :)



Just adding that you can even have a different (DEV vs DEMO) imported stylesheet from one of webblocks your page might be using.

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