[Ultimate PDF Reactive Blocks] UltimatePDF error
Forge component by Raphael Ranieri
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Hi, I have been getting this error very recently:

Method not found: 'Void OutSystems.NssUltimatePDF.IssUltimatePDF.MssSetupLocalBrowser(Int32)'

Can anyone help? Everything was working just fine until last few days, nothing changed, not even was a refresh was done.

Its reactive.



Hi Graça!

Recently, the Ultimate PDF component was upgraded to reactive!

Right now Ultimate PDF version 4.X+ is targeting only reactive.
Check here the updates.

As Ultimate PDF Reactive Blocks (This component) has a dependency with Ultimate PDF component, you may have been affected if you updated the latter.

The Ultimate PDF Reactive Blocks component is just intended to use with Ultimate PDF version 3.X or earlier which targets Traditional Web Apps, and this way only the reactive blocks are provided by Ultimate PDF Reactive Blocks.

Can you check if your Ultimate PDF component was updated?

If this is the case you should only use the  Ultimate PDF and remove the  Ultimate PDF Blocks from your environment

Hi, thanks. 

The error is gone! 


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