Search Similar Arabic letters Using Advance SQL Queries

Hi All,

I am using Reactive Web Application and trying to search content from the SQL Database using full text search for Arabic language, I am unable to add below highlighted part in Outsystems SQL query, 

Declare @text nvarchar(100)

set @text = N'إرسال شحنة'

DECLARE @SearchString nvarchar(100)

SET @SearchString ='FormsOf(INFLECTIONAL, "' + @text + '")' 


WHERE Contains([Table_ABC].[Column], @SearchString)

its been days I am struggling with it, Kindly help me out.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Hi Saif,

You can use the usual SQL query to fetch the Arabic data from the database. Find the below sample and attached OML.

Step 1: Database entry with Arabic word

Step2: Write select Query in Advanced SQL in server action. 

SELECT * FROM {Projects} WHERE {Projects}.[ProjectName]=@In1

Step3: In input, parameter pass your Arabic word to filter and click test

Then in Output you will get the filtered output


Thanks, Aadhavan S


Hi Aadhavan Shanmugam,

Thanks for the response, I am already using it for Arabic text and it is working fine, but it will not work for Arabic similar words, kindly find below for reference,

  1. "ارسال شحنة"
  2. "إرسال شحنة"

search should work for both Arabic words, In this case same record will be returned for the both searches.

For this purpose I am using SQL Full-Text search Index.

Hope you can understand the scenario.

Hi Saif,

Are you expecting the below output?

If Yes,  below are the query and test input.


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