How can I calculate this formula in outsystems??!
Service Studio Version
11.10.13 (Build 39571)

Hello again, 

I'm trying to calculate this formula that I had on Excel (see picture below). The first value of the column "EBIT kummuliert" should be the value of cell E2 to have an initial value for the further calculation. The next coming values of the column "EBIT kummuliert" should be calculated with the previous value of the same column + the value of the same row but different column and so on. I'm already trying hours on this. Should I do that with an aggregate or assign this?

Thank a lot in advance. :)




Hi Nader,

SQL (and hence Aggregates) return data per row, and all rows are independent of each other (hence you can sort results without the results changing). So there's no way to do what you want with any type of database query. So your only options is to calculate the running total after you've queried the data.

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