Procedure for converting traditional web app to service module.
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.11.15 (Build 48647)
Platform Version
11.13.1 (Build 31652)

Can any one please share the process of converting traditional web app to service module (for business logic conversion) ?

I am not seeing Convert to Service. option in Module menu for conversion.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Mahesh,

You can refer below success story to convert a Web or a Mobile module to a Service module

Thanks, Aadhavan S

Service modules help enforce stricter segmentation of modules and to encapsulate core business services, by not allowing the following elements:

Interface elements and properties, for example UI flows, Screens, Blocks and Images.

Module properties for interface, for example JavaScript and Global Event Handler.

Email elements, for example Emails and Send Email in Processes.

Session Variables.

Client side logic and Local Storage Entities.

Human Activities in Processes.

Before converting a Reactive or a Mobile module to a Service module, remove these elements from the module and make sure that there are no TrueChange errors.

To convert a Reactive or a Mobile module to a Service module follow these steps:

In the target module, open the Module menu and select Convert to Service.

If your module has elements that are not allowed in a Service module, the conversion stops and the unallowed elements are listed in an error message. Remove the listed elements from your module and repeat step 1.

If your module has TrueChange errors, the conversion is stopped and an error message is shown. Fix the errors and repeat step 1.

On the Convert to Service Module confirmation window, click Yes.

Do one of the following:

To publish the converted Service module, click PUBLISH NOW.

To continue working before publishing the converted module, click PUBLISH LATER.

or you can use below link for similar information

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