What is the architecture of Outsystems Entity database?

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I would like to ask what is the architecture of Outsystems Entity database? Any documentation about this Outsystems database architecture? Where is the database stored and how front-end server connect to this Outsystems database?


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Hope below documentation links can help you with architecture of Outsystems Entity database:-


Designing Architecture  

Database and architecture


Also you can go through below one:-

Entity & Persist Data

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I checked the document and found the following photo, as I know that the MS SQL server connected as an external Database. However, I would like to know where is the Outsystems database located? Is it inside the ISS Application Server?


Hi Jack,

Negative: the OutSystems main database is not normally in the same server instance as IIS. It is usually in its own server instance. When installing the platform on-premises or your own private cloud server, you can indeed opt to have the database engine in the same server as IIS, however, this is not recommended for Production environments or intensively used non-production environments. For additional info on platform database installation, please refer to this section of the platform's infrastructure and architecture documentation.

One other thing, the External System you see in that picture is actually a logical representation of connectivity to external systems. These can be database connections to additional database server instances, REST/SOAP APIs being consumed by the OutSystems applications hosted in IIS, or SAP integration taking place.

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