Datepicker event not working in mobile preview
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11.11.15 (Build 48647)

I am currently using DatePicker in a mobile app, with a text variable assigned to the input and a local date variable that holds the selected value, as required. However, I am having a problem with the selection of the date - it seems that it only works on the desktop version of my app (domain + app name) and not on the MobilePreview.

Through debugging and testing I saw that the handler of the OnSelect event only runs in the desktop version.

I have had some trouble with this DatePicker because I it wasn't showing any styles on the screen and therefore I had to add css from the OutsystemsUI theme (plus some more to make it look better) to the screen css, I don't know if this could possibly be related.

Hi @Joana Sousa 

Can you please share the screenshot of the above issue.

Thanks & Regards

Janakiraman JR.

Hi, JR

Sorry for the delay. I ended up fixing it with css because it seemed like our app wasn't reading the theme correctly on other ocasions as well. We haven't found what's happening, and so I just left it with some screen styles (practically all retrieved from Outsystems UI theme). I didn't save screenshots :(

Hello @Joana Sousa

if you're app is a mobile app, you don't need the date picker widget.

If you use 'Input' widget and its variable data type is Date, then it will automatically open Date Picker according to your operating system UI. 


Camila Teixeira

Hi, Camila

Thanks for the answer (and sorry for the delay).

I used it because we needed some validations as well as translations in the calendar, and datepicker seemed like the best option for achieving that.

Thank you

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