[Ultimate PDF] UltimatePDF is causing an error "The operation has timed out"
Forge component by Leonardo Fernandes
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.11.15 (Build 48647)
Platform Version
11.12.2 (Build 31091)

When we generate pdf documents on our application there is a timeout issue followed by an error message saying "An error occurred while generating the PDF". The issue we are experiencing is intermittent. It started last week when it happened only sometimes on our production environment and since yesterday afternoon it has been happening frequently in our development environment. Generating a pdf forms a crucial part of the functionality of our application and we are negatively impacted by this error.

In experiencing the issue, looking at our log in the service center, it appears that the issue is caused by the UltimatePDF component, please see the images below.

After investigating the issue with OutSystems Support, they recommended that I update the forge component to its latest release and I did that. We have our timeout on the action set as infinite. None of these helped to resolve the problem. Furthermore, it was noticed that the timeout appears due to high CPU usage at between 60% to 100%.

Please could you advise me on the following: 

1. Is the UltimatePDF action I am using limited to scale? (Do generating larger documents cause the timeout to occur? Can UltimatePDF handle generating 50+ page pdfs easily?)

2. How can I eliminate this timeout issue?

Kind regards

Hi Janine,

Indeed, if there are many pages to render while generating PDF, it's quite possible to get timeouts. Depends on what's being rendered as well, but 50+ pages caused me timeouts in the past.

Have you tried fiddling with the Server Request Timeout property, where you call the PDF generator server action?

My Server Request Timeout property is set to infinity (-1).
This still is not resolving my problem.

Do you have a suggestion for a method or plugin that is able to handle generating large documents?


Please upgrade to 4.0.5 and let me know if it fixes the timeout issues.


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