Windows Task Scheduler - Clean ASP Temp Files


I'm facing issues creating some task scheduler tasks to clean Temporary ASP Files on my servers.

I've tried several things and the task says it ran successfully but it didnt clean any files.

Probably the problem is on my argument but I can't see it where :(

At the moment I have this configured on my servers:

Arguments: .\ASPNETTempFilesCleanup "D:\Temporary APS.NET Files\V4" (command that I always execute manually via Powershell to perform the Housekeeping) I think the reason for not working its somewhere over in these configs but I couldnt find any info about this.

Can anyone help me fixing this please?

Best Regards,


You just need specify Temporary ASP.NET folder in Arguments like following
Arguments : "D:\Temporary APS.NET Files\V4"

Best Regards

I've tried the way you suggested but it still didnt work :(

The task is executed successfully but the nothing happens.

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