File System

So why it says that it created the directory but the directory doesn t show up:




The label on the If node says "True". Is it possible that it is just checking as "True" instead of evaluating the output of the Directory_Create action? I believe the flag is called "Success", so the If should be evaluating "Directory_Create.Success = True" in order to validate if the directory creation was successful.

true.. then how can i use the file system? my main objective its the files from the download goes directly to a folder on the local server:

like this button downloads multiple excel i want them to go to the local server when downloaded



I believe there's a File_Create or File_WriteBinary action alongside Directory_Create - this is what you can use to create files within a folder.

The best way to use the component would be to invoke these actions, and then evaluate the Success output of those actions - that way, the code can respond to errors at each step. If your If node only evaluates "True", then the output will always be True, and the code will always react as though the Directory/File was created correctly, even if it wasn't.

Because in your code, If the condition is always true.. you have to apply condition based on create file action

@Afonso Carvalho @Aadhavan Shanmugam 

so here its asking for the domain, username and password those 3 things i have to get it from here? (final2)

how i am supposed to identify the path for the multiple download excels? 


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