[Twilio Video Mobile] Twilio Programmable Video SDK End of Life
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I've been getting emails from Twilio about versions of their SDKs reaching end of life in September (a few days ago actually).  Their email states these versions are at end of life now:

  • Android - 4.x or below
  • iOS - 2.x or below
  • Javascript - 1.x 

From what I can tell, this Twilio Video Mobile forge component has an embedded cordova plugin using the following versions, which are within the above mentioned versions that are at end of life:

  • Android: 1.3.15
  • iOS: 2.12.0

Are there plans to update this component?  According to the email from Twilio:

The above versions of the Programmable Video SDKs utilize infrastructure that is no longer considered reliable for customers, and as of 5:00PM PDT on September 8, 2021, the End of Life of these versions of the SDKs has officially completed. Brownouts will begin this week, meaning there will be partial loss of service for a short period of time, and will continue until 5:00PM PDT on November 1st, 2021. After that, the infrastructure will be fully shut off and these SDKs will cease to function for all customers. The brownouts will start with a duration of one hour and progressively increase in duration and frequency as time goes on.

So it would appear we will likely be experiencing complete failure very soon.

Hi @Paul Ward ,

We working hard to make this component compatible with the last Twilio communication.

Unfortunately with previous communications, we do not think that there is a deadline that is short and with so much impact.

Thank you.

Thanks @Gonçalo Fonseca , I'll keep an eye out for an update!

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