Error moving module - You already have modules in your factory with the same key
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.50.12 (Build 48992)

I've moved modules from a 'testapp' where they are initially created to an other app. I've renamed modules, made a backup of the testapp, and deleted the testapp after that. 

I wanted to reinstall the testapp now. But I'm getting an installation error: 'You already have modules in your factory with the same key as the following: 'testapp'. The installation cannot proceed.'

The modules seem to keep some reference to the original testapp. I want to remove this reference, because the modules are now part of an other app. But I don't know where to find this reference and how to remove it. 

I've looked in Service Center, but didn't find any options there. I've tried the following workaround, but this didn't solve the issue.

Any suggestions?

Hello Jay,

Instead of moving the modules you can try to Clone them, this should create a copy of the module under a different reference ID.

Please let me know if this helps



Hi Bogdan,

Your suggestion works. Cloning modules saves them under Independent modules, and from there they can be moved to other apps without conflicts.

Thank you!

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