SSO Implementation Procss  using SAML 2.0
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I need to implement SSO with some URL ( Need to follow below process can someone please help me on that.

From OutSystems Application (IdP)  following operations need to follow

  1. A customer enters a username and password to log in to an identity provider (Application Built in OutSystems). When the identity provider verifies the information, the customer is logged in.
  2. The identity provider displays a list of service providers, including your customer portal, that the customer can connect to.
  3. The customer selects the customer portal (Third party customer portal where SSO need to implement built in other languages).
  4. The identity provider (Application Built in OutSystems) generates a signed SAML 2.0 assertion using the customer’s email address, contact record ID, login name, or a contact custom field as the assertion subject. 
  5. The identity provider then submits the assertion, using HTTP POST binding to the open login controller at  ( This controller calls the SSO validation and logs in the customer.

So can someone please let me know how to perform step 4 and 5.


Hi Dileep,

Did you config the idp with the information where you need to loggin/logout and all other configs there in the idp config page?


Carlos Lessa

Hi Carlos,

I have gone through above links, Might be I am wrong but  I can see the OutSystems Application is Service provider

but I think for my case my OutSystems application   is IdP (Identity Provider) and the Oracle systems where we need to connect is SP (Service Provider).

So can you please help on point 4 and 5 to achieve that.


Hi Dileep,

When entering on the IDP configuration of the Forge component

1 - SP Connector and Claims TAB

The SP Issuer/Entity id =

2 - SP Connector and Claims TAB

IdP Server Issuer/Entity ID

IdP server Single Sign-On URL

Usually this values you can get on your SP, for test I use okta and after config my application aI have a button to view Setup instructions there I get to a page like that where I have my configs, or a bottom to download the metadata to upload in my configurations

Check these 2 links that was what help me when I was doing it for the first time:

Hope I could help you


Carlos Lessa

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