Is there way to put binary data from entity on E-mails?

Hello. Please give me some advice.

I want to set Binary Image from Entity of Reactive WEB module on Emails in Traditional WEB module. This is the image of what I want to do.

If I get some external URL of binary data, I can do that. But I can use only Entity’s binary data. And  I think there are no way to get input parameter type of binary data on Emails.

I think I can pass the binary date as parameters encording them in BinarytoBase64, but I don't know how to display them on the Emails after decording use Base64toBinary.

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You need to conversion binary data to text and text to binary .

Take input parameter as text type pass binary data to text and on email change this text to binary data.

Hope this will help you.

Thanks your advice.

I don't know how to display the data what change text to binary, at Emails on traditional web. 

Could you give me the way?


if you want to attach a static file to your email you can put your image into the resources folder. Then add a Preparation to your Email, select the Attach File Action. In File Content scroll down to resources and select the content of your file ( eg. Resources.MyFile.Content).

If you want to dynamically embed an image to the content of the email. You can embed the base64 data (Text Input Parameter) in a custom img tag. Use the Expression Widget with Escape Content set to No. See here how to use the img tag with base64 data. 


Thanks you advice.

Yes, I want to dynamically embed an image. I try to check your tips!

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