[GTree] Expanding next level only
Forge component by Pedro Neto
Application Type

I was trying to set the expanded property to true but it looked like it is either-or. It would be nice to be able to have only to level next after the root expanded to maintain visibility and clarity for big trees. Is that possible.

That is my last question for now. A great component by the way! I like it very much.




Hi Ægir  I am not fully understanding what you are requesting here, can you please elaborate or share some picture? :) 

Yes - I see that I was not very clear here. I am sorry about that. Actually, I am talking about the "IsOpen" property of each node.

When I build the tree, I set this property to false. Since I have a very big dataset I tried to improve the performance by rebuilding the tree, every time the checkbox is checked, with the checked node becoming the new root. This works really well and the performance is now good. What I am trying to do is to just expand the new root automatically when I do this but keep the IsOpen property of the children of the root = False.

Hopefully the included video explains this better and why it would be a better user experience to to have to manually expand the root every time.




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