Query returns different results when testing in s.studio and when it's published

I have a query in my preparation screen that gives me 6 results when I access the page in the browser and 14 results when I test it in service studio.

The search keyword is supposed to be a session variable but right now I'm just passing an empty string...

Can someone shed some thoughts on this?
What version of OUTsystems are you using?

Are you by any chance limiting the number of rows on your screen/query ?
When debugging, do you still get 6 results or does the debugger show 14results as well?
What do you fill in as test-input-var? nothing or 2quotes?
If you delete the espace and publish it again, does it happen again?

With the screenshot you have attached is nothing strange, but it's the context that is more interesting :)

Can you provide a skeleton-oml of that particular problem where it happens :)

I vaguely remember it might has to do with multiple tables of your entity (that happens after adding/removing columns on an already  filled table)

I'm using a Basic Edition of the Platform Server together with Service Studio

I'm not limiting the number of rows... the debugger shows 14 results.

I'm passing double quotes.

Right now I cannot delete the eSpace nor provide an example oml (sorry)...

I'll have to dig in deeper into this situation...

Thanks Joost.
Hi João,

1) The session variable that you've mentioned, its a simple session based on simple data type (Text) or an session based on some structure?
2) Don't you have an "Default value" associated with your session variable?
3) Don't you have any assignment to your session variable before the query execution? 
4) Don't you have any input widget associated with your session variable? 

Rafael Pereira
Lisbon Solutions
Actually the session variable's type is record with a structure as rec. definition.

This structure has text, decimals, dates... all with blank 'default value'... in debug the variable in question always showed up blank.
Quoting Joost

"Can you provide a skeleton-oml of that particular problem where it happens :)"

Without an sample eSpace it's hard to figure out...even without the same data it's important for troubleshooting. 

Rafael Pereira
Lisbon Solutions
Dear Joao,

Were you able to resolve this issue? I am having the exact same issue. Test results in 76 records, but runtime return only 21.

Kind regards,

Frank Burm