[PreventSS] Isue with window.plugins.prevent screenshot.disable can not find plug in
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Hello please can you help me?

i have a isue with this plug in 

window.plugins.prevent screenshot.disable the js can not find this, i download and activate  PREVENTSS but the this code can not run, the windows.plugins.preventscreenshot can not be find


document.addEventListener("deviceready", onDeviceReady, false);

// Disable

function onDeviceReady() {

  console.log("Start Disable Prevent SS");

  window.plugins.preventscreenshot.disable(successCallback, errorCallback);



Hi Andy_Oscky,

Can you give some more details about this?

How are you using it?

You are using a native app with an .apk for instance? Or trying to open on your phone browser / PWA?

This component will only work for native .apk or .ipa


RR :)

Hello thanks for your answer

The detailt is this :

Android Phone Version 10

How can i install in outsystem the lost plug in , i only have this, 

why the apk not load this, i made the same configuration in my apk but not load , i can find another pluin


Hey Andy,

Not sure if I understood right, but you are testing in your Android Device with an .apk file installed is that right?

Have you checked the demo app provided with the component?
To download it go to the component page and expand the download button:

Then if you open the demo you will see how to define the default behavior on your OnApplicationReady Event.

Are you using this way?

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