[Amazon S3 Connector] Retrieve Files from S3 bucket and Display on Screen
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I want to fetch/ retrieve all files present in S3 bucket and display them on the screen.

I have created one Server action and there using, Objects_List from S3. But I am not understanding how to display that in the screen now.

And when I debugged that in network tab in the browser, I am getting only 1st file data, not more than that.

Please help to resolve this.


Hi Luis,

Thanks for responding. If you can help me what to use in main screen so the output will be visible. The "List" which I have used (visible in the screenshot also) is not showing on main screen. It's all blank.

I am confused here.



Hi Priya,

You can use Object_GetPreSignedUrl function in the same library. You should get the list of files first and loop objects from the response. While looping objects, use Object_GetPreSignedUrl function and get a temporary public URL for objects. You can set expiration times for pre-signed URLs. You can use public URL to show images and videos.

I hope it works for you.


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