Mark document(s) in a table as Favorite document(s) pro user
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I've a table with documents where in one column a Favorite icon (a heart) is enclosed. 

If a specific user is logged in and clicks under the actions on the View or Update icon, the user can in the form with a click on the button 'Add to favorites' mark this document as his/her Favorite. This functionality works in regards to the database and for different loggedin users.

I now want to show in the table that the favorite document would instead of showing an open heart, shows a filled heart.   The problem now is that when marking one document as Favorite, all documents are shown as Favorite.

See the screenshot. I've also added oml in this post. 

I've tried to achieve the desired functionality with filters in the aggregate and with different conditions for the IF linked to the heart-icon, but I didn't manage to solve the issue.

Has anyone a working example or a solution for this issue?



Hi Jay,

you are not using a proper aggregate to fill the data. You are using one aggregate for the Name and another aggregate for the Fav show and for that reason the data is not correct.

Check my attached .oml, I created a single aggregate and used it in the table also assigning the right values to the columns.



Hi José,

Thx, with your tip a managed to get the solution!

Sajid sajid
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