How to get count in a list instead of length

On navigation list, I have a list that is populating data in a table instead of an aggregate. So I have to use the count variable but there is none on a list. How best can I convert this list to be able to use count. I can't use an aggregate.


Hi Rudo, 

When list is used instead of an aggregate, length property holds the 

"The number of elements currently in the list",  

this means that the property is holding the count needed, so the property that you are using is the correct one.

Check this link for more details 


Hope that it helps you 

Thank you so much, that does help was getting confused. My only issue now is how do I refresh a list

Hi Rudo, 

To add or remove items in the list you have list actions(listappend, listremove..)   available, check List System Actions..

To refresh the table content to which the list is bounded just add a name to the table and use ajax refresh for the table, this will refresh the table data 

Hope that it helps you 

Hi! I have the exact same problem, which is from an external list (not AGG or SQL query)  and the length propriety is not working, so I was trying to figure the Count! Did you managed to solve this issue? And if so? How? Thank you very much!

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