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I can open and view the Screen Requests log on my enterprise environment. There is an option to download the file to excel. The excel file then contains the user id and the Login_Id. What is the login_id? Is this field encrypted? How can I see the username of the user? Please see the screenshot below.

Thank you


Hi Monica, the screen request log logs the time the server took to serve the app requests. It shows how long it takes to deliver screens to users. The login_id that you see in the excel download is not an encrypted value and this cannot be used to get the linked user. The login_id is an authenticated session identifier used to manage the user sessions while logged in. If you download the log to excel and filter on the user_id field, you will see that that you have more than one associated login_id associated with each user_id, and so that is not a unique mapping between user_id and login_id. If you want to derive the username from this table you need to use the user_id field. This field is the identifier of the users table. An outsystems developer can create a customised page for you with a report that you can download that will match the userid with the username using the tables from the platformlogs module. Remember that the platform logs are only available for a limited time. Due to the size of these logs OutSystems manage the logs on a rolling basis whereby a new table is used every few days and the old data is archived. Only 10 tables are available for logging, so after some time the oldest data will be deleted.

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