Problem of uploading content to use in the solution dynamically

Problem of uploading content to use in the solution dynamically

Hello all.

I was thinking of a solution to use some user uploaded content in the application I'm creating atm (a bit like a CMS) when I remembered something: since version 5, the running code of the platform is executed in a directory named something like: <OutSystems Plataform Server installation>\running\<name of the OML>.XXXXXX where XXXXXX is a (random?!) number

Since this directory is changed every time you 1CP, that pretty much ruins the CMS approach, since I'm thinking if we have a upload folder where users could dump some files, this folder's content would not be copied over from the previous version to the new one when the publish occurs (at least not automatically)

So, having this in mind, how could one achieve this CMS behaviour alike (without using the DB for storage, for my problem I don't think it's worth loosing the time making an implementation for it)? Am I wrong in any of the assumptions I made?

Ideas are really appreciated :)

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Just make a directory in a location that will never change, make sure that the right user has NTFS permissions to it on the server, and store the path as a Site Variable. If you need to be able to have HTTP access it directly, create a Virtual Folder in IIS.