Expose Consumed Data
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Traditional Web

I can consume a RESTful API and receive the JSON payload Ok.
The said payload comes in form of structures(As opposed to entities)
How can I expose the consumed structures?
I'm I able to automate the consumption and exposure process to happen say after every 1 hour such that I can see the data in a different platform say using either processes or timers?

Hi Mganda,

Attached sample oml for your requirement. Have a look into it

Thanks, Aadhavan S


Thanks Aadhavan,

This is what I was looking for.
How would you implement the ReloardEveryHour Server action to actually get data every hour?



I structured action to fetch the data in real-time from another API. Are you expecting to consume the data with hour intervals? till that the previous data will be available in your new exposed API. 

Are you expecting this?

If yes, refer attached OML. I made modifications.

Thanks, Aadhavan S


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