Local Variable List Loses Values in Screen Action
Application Type
Traditional Web

In a Traditional Web Application, I have a local variable of type Text List. In the screen's preparation, I append to the list some text values. I have also set up a button on the screen to inspect the values of that local variable. When debugging, I can see that the local variable has the appended values at the end of the preparation, as expected. However, in the screen action, when the button is clicked, the same variable has blank values instead (it still has 2 elements, but both are blank). I am looking to use the list variable to save data within the screen action.

What could be the issue that is making the local variable elements blank?

I have attached a sample application to demonstrate this problem.

I appreciate your help.


I am not seeing the error you mention. I have listed the appended values on the screen. And is saving. Even when I click the button. The values are not erased, they append again to the list.

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