help NOOB with RSA I need help - CryptoAPI

Hi guru's,

I'm a noob when it comes to RSA so a bit of help would be great!

I'm consuming a rest service where we have to sign the body with RSA-SHA256 and send it in the header.

I tried to consume the CryptoAPI and used the RSA_Sign function to sign the body.

Only the algorithm that is supported by the CryptoAPI are:

Hash can be one of: MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, and PADDING can be one of: PKCS1,PSS.

I tried it with SHA256/RSA only that padding type is not supported so I tried it with only SHA256.

That works only the signed value is not valid.

To validate the signed value I use the website:

When trough the website I sign the body value and send it to the consumed rest api it works.

Only now how to get the signed value correct in Outsystems...

I also add the private PEM signature i'm using for a example.

The body that I'm signing is:


And the output on the 8gwifi website that I get as signed data is:


Help :(


I got it working by using the SHA256/PKCS1 Algorithm on the RSA_Sign function. I don't know why this works and the default: SHA256/PSS not but it works.

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