Showing ESpaces that a user has access to

Working on a project where customer wants to build a "portal" where a registered user can go and see all the Outsystems apps he/she has access to.  Kind of like a ITIL Service Catalog but for Outsystems applications.  Have been trying to build aggregate but have not been able to get the right data.  Has anyone done something similar in the past that can share the query with me?  Thanks

As no one answered, I can share a link that might help you. This thread is asking to Retrieve the number of users per application Where you can adapt and add the search for the current user using the userId.

Based on a number of system tables, you should be able to get a working query.

Most important one will be the "User_Effective_Role", which is actually a view that combines user-role and user-group-role records. This however will fail to pickup any applications/modules where only "registered" is used and no specific roles.

I posted an idea a long time ago, to have page accesses also available as a system table.

Other useful tables: Application, App_definition_module, module, espace, role

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